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Our products are
ECO and ORGANIC certified
Our products are
ECO and ORGANIC certified
Our products are co-developed with the Research Institute of Nutrition
In-house production facility in an ecologically sound area of the Vladimir Region
#1 brand by recognition according to Nielsen
High product margin
Of experience Since 1927
95 years
Sobinskiy Bakery uses high-quality Russian-produced raw materials. Today we, the Smartbar Group, create delicious and wholesome products while maintaining our age-old tradition of top quality. Our goal is to develop unique recipes that meet all the latest sound nutrition principles and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.
About us
Organic cereal bars without sugar, dyes and preservatives
Musler Organic
Nut and cereal bars, rich in vitamins and minerals.
Cereals, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. Get it all in a MUSLER bar for a tasty snack anytime you may need one
Cereal bars with fruits and berries, TOP sales.
A cereal bar is a great option if you want to cut back on candy. Just pick your favorite flavor!
Nuts bars have vitamins B and E. They contain vegetable protein.
Low-carb bars with L-carnitine, sugar-free, 34% protein
Smartbar Protein L-Carnitine
High protein content - more than 40%, developed jointly with the Research Institute of Nutrition. With an increased protein content to get you the daily fill.
Smartbar Protein PRO
TOP sales, 20% protein.
These bars are perfect if you lead an active lifestyle while keeping a close eye on your diet!
Smartbar Protein
Smartbar Protein ORGANIC
Organic protein bars without sugar, dyes and preservatives, 29% protein
SmartBar Protein L-Carnitine. SUGAR FREE
SmartBar Protein. SUGAR FREE
34% protein with L-carnitine and collagen.
20% protein with collagen. Gluten free.
Low-calorie cereal bars
SmartBar muesli bars give you slow carbs in a well-balanced combination of cereals, superfoods and juicy fruit, with only 56 calories a pop!
Smartbar Slim
Fruit bars. New fruit-based bars from Smartbar Group with vitamins, minerals and no sugar. These bars are basically cereals mixed with fruit juice, so both kids and adults enjoy them

A perfect matcha-based dessert for those with a sweet tooth! Great for a wholesome snack anywhere and anytime. Try tea, coffee or milk to wash it down.
Granola with fruits, nuts and chocolate. Both granola are ready to eat! Just add some juice, milk, or yogurt - whatever is your choice!
Muesli with fruits and nuts. Both muesli ready to eat! Just add some juice, milk, or yogurt - whatever is your choice!
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